Professional commercial landscaping for business premises large and small

Structured scheduled maintenance – Skilled, experienced team – Hard and soft landscape maintenance

If you own a business, or you are responsible for looking after the landscaping for your company, then we can help keep your business premises looking their best.

Our team will work out a regular maintenance schedule for your plants, your lawn, and any hard surfaces. This can include patios, furniture and pathways, ensuring your business premises look great, and are safe for your staff and customers. 

Let us work out the best schedule for your commercial garden maintenance

Setting up a regular schedule for landscape maintenance stops your outdoor spaces from getting out of control, and allows jobs to be tackled as necessary, rather than trying to recover plants which may already be diseased or have outgrown their space.

We can set up a regular maintenance schedule that includes a structured programme to ensure your outdoor spaces look good all year round.

Depending on your situation, we have differing programmes to suit your individual needs.

Our base garden care programme includes:

  • pruning, thinning, and dead heading
  • hand weeding or weed spraying
  • hedge trimming – topiary clipping etc
  • tree pruning and care
  • fertiliser applications
  • monitoring pest and disease levels in gardens
  • spraying for pest and disease control
  • air brooming of paths, driveways etc

Our base lawn care programme include:

  • bimonthly fertiliser applications to lawns
  • spraying for pest and disease control
  • spraying for broadleaf weed control

Our advanced care programmes include all the above but includes more frequent visits with additional inputs such as:

  • lawn mowing and edging
  • de-thatching and coring of lawns
  • liming operations to lawns and gardens
  • amino acid and trace element sprays for lawns and gardens
  • seaweed and other biostimulant solutions for the leaves and soil
  • soil amendments and solutions to feed the soil ecosystem encouraging strong root and plant growth
  • foliar stimulants at the correct time through the season to stimulate flower and fruit set
  • organic programmes and regular organic amendments to nurture the soil and soil microorganisms
  • specialist fruit tree pruning
  • thinning and dividing of perennials
  • annual plantings and vegetable/herb garden care and replenishment
  • plant selection, sourcing and replacement, as appropriate

Occasionally we will recommend special items such as:

  • additional mulch
  • tree removal or specialist tree surgery, where required
  • soil and leaf analysis test, where appropriate
  • plant replacement
  • annual irrigation service
  • algae and moss control
  • de-thatching and coring of lawns
  • gardening services for hard surfaces, including algae control for pathways and patios

Our visits can be spaced to meet your needs, whether you have a warehouse frontage that needs minimal maintenance, or a head office garden that needs to look its best at all times.

Trust your commercial landscaping to our expert team

We have been providing landscaping services in Auckland since 1994, and retain many of our earlier customers, thanks to the skill and dedication of our team.

Owner Nigel is heavily involved with each client and supervises each site we maintain on a regular basis. We are also fully insured and all our staff follow our strict health and safety policy.

All our programmes are structured to meet your exact needs, and you will receive regular written reports to keep you updated on the work carried out. Once you have set up your contract you can just sit back and relax, knowing that your tree pruning and hedge trimming will be carefully carried out, lawn care will take place at the right time of year, and that pests will be controlled.

Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail, and we’ll arrange a site visit to plan the best garden care programme for your premises.

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