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Structured landscape maintenance including lawn mowing and tree pruning

Weed control – Furniture and deck care – Throughout Auckland and the North Shore

Have you had a landscape installed, and want to maintain your investment? Are you unconvinced your existing gardeners know what they are doing? Has the garden become overgrown and you need help to bring it back from the brink of disaster? Are you struggling to care for your garden, and want a little help on a regular basis? Do you need a makeover, small changes to the layout, or a complete re-think of the design? Is the lawn in a bad state and needs spraying, fertilising, or is it time to spray out and start again?

Whatever help you need, we are ready and waiting to help.

With more than 24 years experience as landscapers, and providing gardening services across Auckland and the North Shore, the team can tackle any garden problem, from overgrown trees, to a lawn that needs replacing. Often our initial visit requires additional inputs to bring the garden back under control. We then continue providing regular maintenance for your residential or commercial landscaping.

Get professional landscape maintenance services

If you want your garden to look great, you need regular garden maintenance.

Too often we see the results of poor maintenance, either because the garden has not been cared for regularly enough, jobs have been carried out at the wrong time, or sub-standard contractors have carried out poor jobs in areas like tree pruning or lawn care, leading to disease and deterioration.

The key to the care of your garden is that site visits need to occur on a regular and structured basis. Plants are pruned and maintained at the correct time of the year. Fertiliser applications are made at the correct stage of the plant cycle. Pests and disease are controlled before they become a real problem.

Infrequent visits often mean that we are reacting after the horse has bolted. Your plants may be killed, or they have become too big for their position and need to be removed.

We offer you a structured garden maintenance plan to ensure jobs are completed at the correct time of year, carried out by a skilled, experienced team, with written reports to keep you informed.

Schedule regular landscape maintenance for a wide range of garden jobs

If you feel like you don’t have the time or the skills to look after your garden properly, book us for regular garden maintenance.

Depending on your situation, we have different care programmes to suit your needs.

Our base garden care programme includes:

  • pruning, thinning, and dead heading
  • hand weeding or weed spraying
  • hedge trimming – topiary clipping etc
  • tree pruning and care
  • fertiliser applications
  • monitoring pest and disease levels in gardens
  • spraying for pest and disease control
  • air brooming of paths, driveways etc

Our base lawn care programme includes:

  • bimonthly fertiliser applications to lawns
  • spraying for pest and disease control
  • spraying for broadleaf weed control

Our advanced care programmes include all the above but include more frequent visits, with additional inputs such as:

  • lawn mowing and edging
  • de-thatching and coring of lawns
  • liming operations to lawns and gardens
  • amino acid and trace element sprays for lawns and gardens
  • seaweed and other biostimulant solutions for the leaves and soil
  • soil amendments and solutions to feed the soil ecosystem, encouraging strong root and plant growth
  • foliar stimulants at the correct time through the season to stimulate flower and fruit set
  • organic programmes and regular organic amendments to constantly nurture the soil and soil microorganisms
  • specialist fruit tree pruning
  • thinning and dividing of perennials
  • annual plantings and vegetable/herb garden care and replenishment
  • plant selection, sourcing, and replacement, as appropriate

Occasionally we will recommend special items including:

  • additional mulch
  • tree removal or specialist tree surgery, where required
  • soil and leaf analysis test, where appropriate
  • plant replacement
  • annual irrigation service
  • algae and moss control
  • de-thatching and coring of lawns

Most clients book monthly appointments, but if your garden needs more or less care we can make recommendations and give advice on the most appropriate solution to suit your needs. For rental properties, we suggest a visit every two months, as a balance between keeping the gardens under control, and keeping your costs down. Top end residential or commercial, and head office gardens may require weekly servicing.

You can also add in extra one-off jobs depending on the time of year, and if you are planning a change in your garden, talk to our team about landscaping ideas and how we can assist you.

Garden maintenance isn’t just about weeding, lawn mowing and hedge trimming, – it involves so much more. We even look after fences, hard surfaces and your outdoor furniture.

If your garden features timber fences, pergolas, patios, or a deck, talk to the team about algae control to stop your patios, paths, and paving becoming unsightly and a hazard to you, friends, and family.

Our team can also help restore your garden furniture and wooden decks, making them look like new. We can then stain them for a fresh new look when requested.

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