Find out what our customers say about the garden maintenance services they received from Auckland Gardencare…

“Nigel is not an ordinary gardener. He is passionate about nature enjoys his work immensely. He knows how the trees, birds and bees habitat. Most of all he is a trustworthy gentleman. No task is too small nor too big for this kind gardener.

Nigel always consults with me and we have a preview on what needs to be done. He understands my budget situation and is fair when he writes the bill. If only he could have time to chat over a cup of tea and relax a little!!

The best landscaper I have ever met!!”

– Evelyn Millard


“Nigel and his team have been doing my garden care for several years now. His hard work and care of my property has always been exemplary and it’s not just with the garden but my deck, fences and driveway.

I really appreciate when he puts forward suggestions or recommendations to keep my property looking at its best, the last one being the Black Algae treatment on my deck. The deck looks brand new and I can’t be any happier with the results. Thanks Nigel for all your hard work and care, it definitely has been much appreciated.”

– Natalie Hing


“Excellent, best landscape gardener we’ve had, highly recommended. Nigel always does what’s asked and is always on time and recommend improvements.

We would definitely recommend the Black Algae treatment and cleaning process for timber, furniture, and decks.”

– Noleine Tyler-Davies


“I’ve had a long commercial relationship with Nigel and his team. He has always provided timely advice, and is a trusted service provider.”

– Brendon Stratton


“We have worked with Auckland Gardencare for over 8 years caring for our head office and warehousing gardens. We have found their service to be excellent and reliable. Nigel is an expert in his field and together with his team are a pleasure to deal with.”

– Patsy Fleming


“Excellent, prompt and professional service from all concerned,”

– B. Mintey


“Hassle-free design, build and project management that worked for us.”

– V Wilson & T Williams


“Our intention was to sell our home, but we have decided not to because we want to enjoy this wonderful outdoor living area.”

– R Hutchinson


“We contacted a respected real estate agent, asking his opinion about the difference in selling power between homes with professional landscaping, and those without. He advised that, from his experience, a higher price would be achieved.”

– N Williamson

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