Keep your garden in tip top condition

with help from our experienced landscape designer at Auckland Garden Care

If you want your garden to be in the best condition, but feel you don’t have the time or the skills to tend to it yourself, or you need to maintain a professional look for your business premises, our team can help.

Have you recently had a landscape installed and you need a team you can trust to care for your investment in the way it was intended? We can help there too.

We offer a range of programmes and services for both residential and commercial clients throughout Auckland and the North Shore – professional lawn and garden care, care for your outdoor surfaces and furniture, garden design and installation, irrigation and so much more.

Opt for one of our care programmes like the majority of our customers, or we can customise a programme specifically for you to suit your budget and your garden’s needs.

Expert advice and practical garden care solutions for your Auckland and North Shore property

Gardens are ever changing environments that can quickly deteriorate and lose value if not maintained correctly by a team that cares. We are here to help with programmes structured to suit your individual needs. For residential and commercial garden care, our team have your requirements covered.

Whether it is a one off tidy and makeover, a comprehensive garden maintenance programme of weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly visits, or unsightly exterior surfaces needing care, we can help.

Our experienced and well-trained teams have the skills to deliver the appropriate solution for you at a price that you can afford

One of the biggest mistakes our expert gardeners see are gardens that receive if lucky, a prune by unskilled workers once a year or less often, sometimes with a hedge trimmer or chainsaw. This results in dead and heavily branched wood in the middle, with leaves only on the outside. Air flow and light into the plant are blocked causing disease, defoliation, dieback, poor fruit set and premature removal.

After a few years, it is too late and the shrub or tree needs a costly replacement. With regular care by well-trained gardeners, the problems can be dealt with before they get out of hand. Pests and diseases are controlled early. Regular pruning ensures the gardens do not become overgrown, and plantings last for many more years due to careful thinning and replacement pruning of older limbs and branches. The key thing here is that your garden is cared for on a regular basis’.

With over 24 years in the landscape and garden design industry, our team knows how important it is to give your outdoor space proper care, and how to get the best from your garden or business green space.

Nigel Comber – Director

Nigel has been a landscape gardener since 1992. In 1994 he established the full garden landscape business, Landscape Transformations. In 2015, Nigel renamed the company to Auckland Gardencare and changed its focus from creating new gardens to providing expert care and maintenance for existing gardens in Auckland and the North Shore. Our team continues to design and install gardens for clients, however our core focus has moved to the care of your gardens and outdoor spaces.

With a degree in Horticultural Science from Massey University and a Certificate in Landscape Design from Kew Gardens in London, Nigel is well qualified to help you get an outdoor space you can be proud of.

Nigel is personally involved in all of Auckland Gardencare’s work and is backed by a well trained, skilled and dedicated team.

Residential and commercial landscaping services throughout Auckland and the North Shore

We offer a range of regular care programmes specialising in landscape maintenance in Auckland and the North Shore, for both private gardens, and commercial landscaping customers.

We can provide advice on how to re-plant your garden. We know the correct plants to suit your design; location and soil type.

We can help with plans and ideas to redesign all or part of your garden. Whether it be a simple re-planting exercise; a lawn that needs replacing, or a complete new landscape, we are your one stop shop.

One of the key factors to a successful garden is keeping plants and lawns growing actively. Irrigation systems are a key component when it comes to avoiding moisture stress. We have been installing and maintaining irrigation systems for over 24 years. Whether it be a fully automated system, or a simple water timer and micro spray system we can install or maintain a system for you. You can go on holiday over summer knowing that your plants and lawns will be alive and well when you get back.

We also offer other gardening services including care for your hard surfacing, such as patios, driveways and your outdoor furniture.

Most customers choose a monthly care schedule, however you can change this to suit your budget and your gardens needs. You can also book us for one-off jobs.

If you are a property manager or own rental properties, you may wish to book a visit every two months. This is usually a good balance between keeping your gardens under control, minimising your landscaping services costs, and maximising your returns.

Often gardens fall into disrepair or the plants need to be replaced much earlier if they are not maintained regularly by a team that cares. Tenants usually fail to care for the gardens adequately, if at all.

Similarly, if you run several commercial locations, you may choose to focus more on locations visited by the public, such as head offices, rather than warehouses.

Trust your garden care to Auckland’s expert landscape gardeners

With over 24 years experience as landscape gardeners, We are your first choice for garden maintenance.

Whether you own a small section, a quarter acre dominated by trees or a commercial space that needs formal planting, our team will have your outdoor space looking its best all year round.

For all your Auckland landscape maintenance needs, contact us today. We will organise a site visit where you can discuss your needs and have a quote prepared.

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