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Algae control – Wooden furniture restoration – Care for patios, driveways and pathways

Keeping the living parts of your garden well maintained is important, but equally important is caring for your hard surfaces such as patios, driveways, fencing, paving, and your garden furniture. Left uncared for, these areas will quickly make your garden look shabby, and become a hazard.

As well as our other gardening services, we can look after your garden furniture, wooden decks, fences, patios and paths, giving even tired looking furniture a new lease of life. Our team can also apply the same procedures to paved and stone areas at your business premises to ensure they are safe for staff and customers and look good all year round.

Green and black algae control

Algae control is essential on all exterior hard surfaces to maintain a pleasant appearance, and anti-slip surface to paving, tiles, and steps. Auckland Gardencare are pleased to include this service. Although these treatments are not plant related, they are an integral part of the appearance and safety of your outdoor areas.

Auckland Gardencare can help control two types of algae as part of our Auckland-based landscaping services – green and black.

Green algae

For green algae we use an ammonium chloride based product that is sprayed on and left to soak in, removing the need for water blasting afterwards. The product continues to work for several months. The residue simply breaks down over time and is washed away by the rain. Usually one application is sufficient per year, generally applied in winter.

Our green algae control can be used on tiled surfaces, including patios, stepping stones, concrete and driveways. It works equally as well on timber surfaces, including fencing, pergolas and decking. It is safe to use around plants, and as moss control as part of our lawn care programmes.

Black Algae

Black algae are much more difficult to control and needs a stronger solution. Auckland Gardencare offer a solution developed within our company, that uses a plant-based acid that kills the algae. The surfaces are then water blasted to restore them to a high quality finish. The acid loosens the algae on timber allowing us to wash the timber with less pressure and without causing damage to timber surfaces.

Both of these treatments can be included as part of our regular Auckland landscape maintenance programmes. Our programmes also include services such as lawn mowing, tree pruning and hedge trimming.

Revitalise your deck and furniture with our help

Before you decide to throw out your tired and dirty garden furniture, talk to our team about restoring them.

Using a similar process, as that used for black algae control, we apply a plant-based acid to your wooden furniture. After 10 minutes the residue is water blasted off at low pressure, leaving clean revitalised furniture.

Once the cleaning process has been completed you can either leave your furniture to weather naturally or stain it for added protection and a nice finish.

If you have wooden decking, fencing, or pergolas at your property, these can also be cleaned and stained to match your furniture.

We are your North Shore and Auckland garden maintenance experts

We have been maintaining gardens and commercial landscaping throughout Auckland and the North Shore for more than 24 years, and some of our first clients are still with us today, entrusting the care of their outdoor spaces to our expert team.

Regular maintenance is much better for your garden than sporadic attempts to bring it back under control. Disease or rot may already have set in, so talk to us about setting up a contract for regular gardening services including lawn care and tree pruning.

If you don’t have the skills or time to look after your garden, but want it to be healthy and kept tidy, a monthly visit will probably suit you. Or if you are looking for the perfect finish to your outdoor space, book our team for weekly visits to ensure your garden is kept pristine.

Book a no obligation site visit where we can assess your property and discuss the best maintenance schedule for you.

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